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I first saw the GymSwim brand via Instagram ads. Unfortunately, they didn't have a website yet, so I waited.  As soon as they announced the launch of the site, I placed an order and am very glad that I did!  It won't be my last, for sure.

I ordered a couple thongs and a bikini.  They all fit perfectly.  The pouch on both is the same - just enough room to show off your goods while still providing support.  I recently wore them to a boat outing with friends, and they loved them... as do my Instagram followers! 

Any guy who is interested in sexy (and extremely comfortable) swimwear should get a pair from GymSwim!!


Chris, (Chicago, USA), Instagram: @thonger76chicago

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Hello, after Monday's fight with the Czech Post I was glad to get to the package. I immediately tried them at home and I was excited. The next day I took them with me for a holiday. And during my entire vacation I wore only your swimsuits even if I had other ones. 

The swimsuit liked everyone I went on holiday with. It pleased me. They are really comfortable. The front part has plenty of space which is very comfortable. 

The only thing that matters to me is that the metallic inscription was previously shining and got such a patina due to the salty water (Comment of GymSwim: We recommend the hand wash after each use of the swimwear to avoid it). But that's a detail. Maybe just a recommendation for you. 


I'm sending you some photos of the beautiful Cyprus. Greetings and wishes for more such amazing swimsuits.

   Vítězlav, (Brno, Czech Republic), Instagram: @v_i_t_a_h




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I've acquired two of Gymswim swimsuits. I had doubts, without knowing the brand, about how they would fit me. The answer has been very simple: like a glove. Both. Not only is superb the design of the swimsuits, but they are also beautiful and they make you feel great wearing them.

Sometimes the swimsuits keep a little more loose after the bath, but none of this is happening with either swimsuit, so you only have to decide, and I advise you, for just the size you usually wear and fits you well, because these models will continue looking the same size even wet.

I found this website by chance, but it has been a fortune because their swimsuits are among the best I've ever had. And, believe me, I have bought and used many throughout my life.

Absolutely recommended. No doubt.
  Jaime, (Madrid, Spain), Facebook: @jaime.depazos

What a great swim suit it is. The color, the fabric, the fit, the look. It's terrific! A guy's swim suit. Well worth the cost and the wait. 

A bit of serendipity. At the moment the package arrived, the music station I listen to was playing Smetana's The Moldau. A package and favorite music from Prague. It reminded me of my visit to your fair city this last October. We had a great time, and hope to return soon.

  Ivan, (Cambridge, USA)