Come in and find out what is inside of our men´s swimwear

Maybe you are asking all the time what makes such great front pouch of our swimwear. Maybe you have already discovered if you have purchased our swimsuits. If not you can learn it in this article.

In our previous post you could learn how Dušan the designer of GymSwim has got to designing of our swimwear. Working earlier with many fashion brands he was practically studying what can make the wearing of men´s underwear and swimwear so comfortable

And this is the solution. You can find it in our collection that is F O C U S E D  F I T: 

  • The front pouch has to be unlined to ensure a quick dry of the material (see the swimwear from inside in the video below).
  • The front pouch has to provide enough space. Our swimwear provide enough space for guys with an average manhood. Let´s agree that we will not open the discussion what means ‘average‘. :-)
  • The supportive fit of the front pouch has to ensure that your assets will not touch your legs.



You can activate the English subtitles by clicking on the 3 small buttons in upper right part of the videoscreen.  


We are often asked if we have selected well-endowed male models for our campaigns. The true is that we have selected guys with average proportions. The rest makes the S U P P O R T I V E  F I T.




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